Jerome Turner founded JT Choice Moisturizer in November 2019. Having witnessed the struggles that many people experience concerning their hair, he was dedicated to developing a range that could transform those bad hair days into exceptional ones.

The purpose of JT Choice Moisturizer is to bring the best out of natural hair no matter the texture.
“We are committed to supplying the best products to the best people.” ~ Jerome Turner

Helping You Look Good

Bringing the Best Out of Natural Hair

JT Choice Moisturizer believes in the power of nature and the exceptional benefits it can provide for your hair. Committed to providing our customers with the very best in haircare, our quality moisturizer consists of an exclusive blend of the finest raw ingredients from Shea butter to Jamaica Castro oil.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected to bring out the best in your natural hair. The essence of our moisturizer is in its restoring and revitalizing qualities. Our 100% handmade range is suitable for all textures of hair to smooth and soften even the most challenging of tresses.

Whether it is a chemical or heat damage, the sheer luxuriousness of deeply nourishing products can improve the condition of your hair, creating a manageable and high shine result. Our product is perfect for both males and females alike!